Reflective Report

‘Disconnected from Technology’ is a project that presents two elements within the world that are opposites. Nature and Technology. As technology becomes an everyday occurrence nature becomes gradually distant within our minds. Our everyday use of mobile phones, computers and cars causes us to stay connected within the digital world whilst at the same time disconnecting from the natural world. There are those who have chosen to partially remove themselves from this technological world and this was what my project was based on. My intention was to create a project that viewers could connect to on a variety of levels such as ‘The consumed by Technology’, ‘The consumed by Nature’ and those who wish to experience both.

At the beginning of this module the idea of producing a body of work within a 6 month time span was daunting, especially due me not having an area of photography in which I specialise in. A significant aspect of this module that I enjoyed was the opportunity to explore something I had a genuine interest in which allowed me to have the freedom to explore any potential ideas or concepts that I wished to expand my knowledge on, therefore not forcing my ideas into a certain brief.

When I compare my original and revised proposal you can clearly see they are two completely different projects, and even though my initial idea became too difficult and complex within the time frame, I had to go back to my mind maps to figure out my next possible final major project. Even though abandoned asylums was not the route to take this time, I did feel this would have been a strong project and could have some potential in the future as when I look at the artist related to abandonment there projects are over a time period of several years.

My official project has developed a significant amount in which at the start I received some tough feedback. My project was simply not strong enough and even though I thought I knew why I was creating the work in a nature-based environment, I simply did not know what my aim was. I found that taking a break to sit down and really figure out what it is I wanted the work to say and represent allowed me to connect my theoretical framework to the images I finally produced for the exhibition. Over the past three years I have always struggled with the reason behind the work I create, however I believe due to the amount of time we had to produce this work, it allowed me to constantly develop the reasoning behind my work and for this reason I believe this is a very strong piece of work.

An element I feel hopeful for in regards to my project is there is much room to constantly expand my work. Looking at David Spero’s ‘Settlements’ project made me realise that whilst I had create a project based on those who wish to temporarily remove themselves from the manufactured society, there are other’s who completely detached themselves from the world that we have become accustomed to. I feel this could be a starting point with a huge potential to grow into a larger body of work in the near future.

The printing process was an interesting experience as I had not been involved in an exhibition for a while. Due to financial difficulties I was unable to essentially ‘go all out’ with the exhibition pieces. However my aim was still to produce a high standard of work, which was suitable for an exhibition space whilst my main focus being the best way to present my final pieces. I eventually decided with 3 A3 sized prints on foam board. Due to these prints taking 2-5 days I chose to do a back-up solution of presenting my work which would have been to pin normal A3 sized prints to the wall but as my mounted prints arrived there was no need to go to my back up plan.

Overall, this project has allowed me to become much more theoretical within my work and made me recognise that the context and meaning behind the work is just as important as the visual element of the body of work. This is a project I can see developing in the future in which could potentially lead to my own personal exhibition, however after undertaking my portfolio module I will be heading for a different career path. I have learnt that one should never limit their creativity to one genre but to constantly be open minded as being diverse with the work I produce offers a wide variety of opportunities.


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