Re-vised Proposal

Coventry University BA (Hons) Photography

Working with Photography Practice in Context: 352MC


Student:   Jade Alexander                                             Date: March 2015


A brief description of the project you will be carrying out including the methodology you will undertake, the presentation strategy you aim to employ, and the context for which you intend to create the work.

Over the years we have become disconnected from nature in an increasingly technological world. We are constantly bombarded with new advance technology that we just cannot seem to resist. My project aims to represent how nature can allow us to disconnect from this constantly evolving world. Throughout my exploration of a landscape I will be photographing small wooden shelters that have been built with the landscapes natural resources. Who are these people? What are they doing? Why are they making them? These will be questions that I am to evaluate throughout my experience. My aim is to not assume that what I am witnessing is their means of escape but to provide viewers with my own experience when observing and entering these small wooden huts. I will be considering how creating these shelters and how being within them can affect a person in a psychological and physical manner.

I will be using a variety of methods to extend my knowledge and create a deeper understanding about my project and my aims. I will utilise books and online materials to create a stronger theoretical piece of work.

I feel this would be an interesting landscape-based project, which could look professional if presented with a few prints on the wall with others within a portfolio box. This will allow me to present a variety of images in order to allow the viewer to fully explore the shelters that I find. I intend to supply the viewer with an artist statement to explain the work and theoretical aspect of my project.


Identify the skills you think you will need to develop, and the resources you envisage being required to enable a successful resolution of your idea within the given time and theme.

I have an interest in the way people can connect to a place or location. The way in which people respond to nature and the way in which they do this is a crucial element to my project. I know that I do not know the people who would have made these shelters so I need to be careful not to present my work in a manner that I am judging these people. This is why I feel relating it to my own personal experience within these shelters could be my main focus.

Time management has always been a downfall of mine, so in order to make sure I am prepared for the hand in I am to shoot as soon as possible as I have always been one to start shooting later which gives me less time to figure out where I want my project to develop.

Use of medium format and digital based photography

Working with natural lighting, and being unable to control lighting compared to studio lighting.


Plan how you will use the study time allocated for this Module. This would include dates for tutorials, seminars, workshops, shooting, processing, printing, editing, mounting etc. (You are advised to build in a one-week buffer zone – i.e. have everything ready a week before the deadline, as something always goes wrong..!)

As previously mentioned time management is not one of my strong points, and time always flies by especially when working for such a long period of time on a single project. I intend to figure out my means of presentation 2 weeks before the deadline to avoid any potential problems with my prints. Depending on my final outcome I need to be clear on how long certain printing methods take to deliver in order to make sure I receive my work before the deadline. Using the Universities official timetable will allow me to stick to the small inside deadlines to keep on top of my project development. Having tutorials with outside professionals will give me the opportunity to get a range of different feedback.


With reference to the Assessment Requirements (see below) and Intended Learning Outcomes for this Module, specify what you intend to achieve by the end of this project and try and summarize what you hope to have learnt. This section should also include a sentence describing how you want your audience to respond to your work – how, ideally it would be appreciated and understood.

By the end of this module I hope to achieved a high standard of work that I am proud of, a body of work that holds meaning and theory rather than just a visually pleasing body of work. I do not want the viewers to just be engaged by the visually pleasing elements of my work but the interesting theoretical element of my work.

Research and Development.

Research is a key practice in order to develop and influence you work which could potentially help bring your entire project together. I will undertake research throughout the module as I know that has my project develops their will be new artists to relate my ideas to.

Remember the Assessment Requirements:

  • A Body of Work appropriately formatted and presented. Produced in relation to the Project Proposal, the creation of The Body of Work should be realized through a rigorous process of critical research and creative experimentation. The final outcome should evidence ability to produce lens-based work of the highest technical quality, conceptual rigor and critical awareness. What constitutes a ‘Body of Work’ is purposefully defined loosely here. This should be self-determined in consultation with the module tutors and be concretely addressed in the Project Proposal. For example, it may be a series of 20 images, a video-work, or a sound and image installation. Whatever form the Body of Work takes, it should be conceptually resonant with the topic explored and represented in the work.
  • Evidence of Research and Development, a Blog Booker summary of your blog, along with a paper copy and a digital copy of your updated Project Proposal. This should clearly illustrate the development of your strategy for making work and the research, development and experimentation underpinning it. The Research and Development may be comprised of blog entries, workbook, contact sheets, work-prints, tests etc.
  • A Reflective Report no longer than 800 words. Through this piece of writing, the strengths and weaknesses of the methods used to create the final work should be considered. In addition, this critical analysis should consider how the work may function within the context(s) it was created for and how it relates to contemporary photographic practice. The development of this piece of writing should evolve through consultation with the module tutors. Draft and redraft, and bring these drafts to tutorials for feedback.

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