350MC – Introduction to the module

For this module we are to under go a research project of our choice. This allows us to write a 2000 word essay to explore a subject in which we feel interested in. We will not just be writing a paper but we will then presented this paper in an organized event in front of our peers, lectures and any other people that would like to attend. The learning outcomes for this module are as follows:

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

1) Apply appropriate research skills, creating a viable and relevant critical basis for their presentation;

2) Analyse and reflect critically upon a range of on going, issues and debates;

3) Evaluate, interpret and reflect upon their own ideas and statements and those of others;

4) Demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of the ways in which key photographic forms and genres map onto specific modes of professional practice;

5) Produce a coherent and independently formulated understanding of a range of historical and contemporary topics and their representation in photographic forms;

6) Present verbally and visually research demonstrating a professional level of practical and intellectual capability.

My thoughts after this introduction was rather worrying however we then had one to ones with our lecturer to discuss our interests in which they then could guide us through the module as well as providing us with starting reading material. During my entire time at University my interest in Documentary Photography has constantly increased so I knew I wanted my research paper to be in that area. However I did not know which direction to take this in as so many things interest me. During my discussion with my lecturer I said how I was rather interested in many things:

  • The relationship between photographer and subject
  • The idea that the photographer is becoming the voice for those who can’t speak up.
  • Whether Documentary photography can make a change to the situations the photographer is capturing.
  • The representation of different Cultures.

The next stage was to write a proposal which included a possible title, how you were to present the paper, your main area of research and where you could find this research, which we would then present our proposal to our peers and lecturers.


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