Summer Task 2014

We were given a task in which we had to show our journey to school, this could be done in any form. Whether it was written or visual. My journey to University has actually changed since last year as for my final year I chose to commute. This meant getting the bus for an hour instead of having a 5-10 minute walk to Uni. The bus journey consists of all these strangers taking there own journey, as I take my own. I feel it is a rather repetitive experience, people getting on and off the bus, the bus stopping and starting, people taking a seat. My journey is the same every time, yet it is rare that I see the same people. As i observed the many people that get on this bus I notice something rather strange, everyone would specifically look for a two seater rather than sit next to someone, even if that required them journeying all the way to the back of the bus. It made me think, are we as people so disconnected from the people around us. Something else that really surprised me was if the bus would get busy and people would then sit next to others if a two seater suddenly became free, it was guaranteed that someone would then move into that two seater.



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