201MC – Evaluation

At the beginning of this module I felt I had no career path as I had no idea where I wanted to go with my photography. I thought being drawn to different genres of photography was a weakness, however over this module I have realised this can be a huge strength making you much more employable. Whether this being through a company or even if you have your own freelance business. Working with a photographer who already had a freelance business allowed me to gain inside knowledge that I would not of known if I had tried to create a free lance company straight away. I not only learnt the business side of photography but improved on my communications skills as well as enhancing my editing skills to produce a higher standard of work. During this experience I explored multiple genres of photography allowing me to rule out any possible jobs in the future as well as allowing me to enhance my portfolio for any future employers. This module has allowed me to have a glimpse of what ‘could be’ after I finish University and although that is a scary thought I feel much more prepared now than at the start of this module. My work experience will no stop here, I am going to promote my work through social media as well as email any potential employers as I truly feel much more confident as a photographer and a person. I have learnt so much over this time period that I never would learnt without this module. Even though at the beginning of this term I dreaded the idea of work experience I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that I have been able to gain.I am now excited for my future and any projects that I may be introduced to, my aim is to continue developing my skills making sure I am making myself the best I can be not just as an artist but as a person as well.


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