Premiere Pro Process

First I imported all of the footage I wanted to include within the video. This was a simple drag and drop manoeuvre. I then had to find some audio to play throughout my whole video.

I extracted the sound form this ticking clock and used it for my video as unfortunately the clock I was using in my video had no ticking. I also need the sound of a beating heart, originally I was going to just use a normal beating sound but I realised a form of panic means a hear will speed up. I was going to download to separate audio sounds one of a normal heartbeat and one which sounded faster however as they were made by two different people the heartbeat sound itself sounded different. In the end I chose to use the same heartbeat sound and I would manually speed it up within premiere. I used this sound from this website:

Now that I had my sounds I moved onto video production.

I knew from the start I wanted the clock to be the first piece of footage. I also at this point decided I wanted the footage to go in the beat of either the heart or the ticking of the clock. From here I thought of possible experimental opportunities I could incorporate into my piece. I then looked into split screen as this was not something I had done before and as I have only used premiere pro for the basic editing process I wanted to explore my options. I watched this video below and followed the steps:

After following these steps this was the first split screen I had created:

splitNow that I had created my first split screen I knew I wanted to involve more split screens within the whole film. I also started to involve overlaps and changed the opacity which it something I had experimented with before.


It also allowed the film to involve diverse editing making the video become less repetitive. I began to really enjoy editing as I had never really produced a piece like this before as I tend to stick to the photography side of things. To help make the beats continuous throughout my film I chose to add a flash transition between some of the pieces as some of the clips didn’t create that ‘boom’ impact that I wanted it to achieve. As I moved through my video I felt it need something to make more of an impact on the viewer to create that sense of panic this is when I decided to use a technique that I was taught during class called the ‘cut up’ method. I randomly cut up my footage include close up shots of face, mouth, hands and also clock footage. After this I chose random parts and put them all in a line this proved to be a great exercise as it gave my video that extra ‘thing’ to push it to a more interesting level.

cut up
As my video was coming to a close I need to think how I needed to finish it. I did not want to have it flash really quick constantly until the end so I chose to create ‘black’ space between parts of the footage.


Overall I was extremely happy with what I had produced as again I chose to take away the control that I would normally have and produce a more random piece towards the end.


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