Conclusion and Final Piece

Overall this has been a really interesting term which consisted of experimental exercises to trigger experimental ideas for my own work. We were introduce to a variety of experimental pieces which allowed me to see all of the possibilities out there and this then showing that anything is possible. I am rather happy with my final video as it was something I have always wanted to experiment further with and I was able to apply the exercises during lectures to my own work. I feel my video has a very montage feel to it and this is something I had never tried before and it also means I may continue to use it in the future. If I was to develop this work further I may have wanted to try filming someone else rather than myself just to see if I could get some more moving footage rather than static and then compare that to my final piece. I have thoroughly enjoyed this module and it has made me want to experiment further into video in the future. My aim when taking this module was to delve further into the ways that is videography and develop any skills that I may have already had and develop them further whilst also try new and exciting things. I feel I have definitely achieved this and I will be leaving this module with a much more open mind in which I have learnt that you do not need constant control over what you are creating. You also do not need a complete plan of what you are going to produce as this cuts your mind off from the improvisation which could inspire some great ideas. My final video can be seen below:



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