1st Shoot Vs. Second Shoot

1st Shoot
After going through my research I decided to go ahead with a night time shoot as I feel this would add to the atmosphere that I wanted to create. I had a simple set up within my room against my bedroom door.


Canon 5D Mark II
Ticking Clock ( Also my source of light )
Suitcase Handle ( object I will be tying my hands to )

Camera Settings

ISO 800

I want to create a similar lighting through out the whole video, so as the clock light was green I thought it would make more sense if the lighting on myself would also be green.

As planned I did close up shots of my face as well as a front on and side ways look at my hands tied. I also did footage of the clock in which I had more control so I was able to zoom in and out whilst filming adding a minor movement within the footage compared to the static shots where I was in front of the camera.

Things that turned out to be wrong:

During filming I looked back at the footage on the camera in which the footage looked like how I wanted it. However something I did not realise was as I was shooting it looked like I need more light so to compensate I up’ed the ISO a few times meaning the final ISO was 800. Even though this looked fine within the camera when I transferred it to the computer and looked at the footage it was extremely grainy and this completely destroyed all the footage. Below are some screen shots of the videos.

green 2 green screen shotAs you can see it was not just the quality that was causing problems but it turned out to be extremely dark. Due to the high ISO it was recorded on the footage was unsalvageable in premiere pro because if I was to brighten it up it would just bring out the grain even more .


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