As I now had my main idea I decided to do some research in regards to how I may want to shoot my own footage or relates to my own video I wish to create.

My first thought was a film called Warhouse ( name changed to Armistice)


This film is based on a soldier who wakes up and seems to be stuck in a ‘house’. All doors and windows are locked and everyday at certain times he has to face a monster. Time becomes a key factor of the movie as he tries to escape it but fails. Towards the end of the trailer you can here the slight ticking of a clock which resembles the feeling that he is running out of time. Even though this movie relates to what my video will be about, I do not feel any shots within the trailer relate to what I personally want to film.

Even though the video below does not hold a ‘professional’ quality. The way in which the filming is done is something I may consider when shooting my own footage. I question, am I going to record someone else or am I going to film myself. If I was to film someone else I would be able to produce moving footage. If I were to record myself it would be static footage giving it a ‘montage’ affect.

Time videos:

As I looked at time related videos it made me bring up the simplest of things such as , what sort of clock I should use? Should I include text?

This video made me think about composition as well as timing. In my video will I constantly have footage showing or will there be longer transitions between sections? What about lighting? Will it be shot in daylight or night time?

Daylight pros:

Higher ISO capability
Longer amount of time I am able to shoot
Easier to focus

Night Time Pros:

Creates a scary atmosphere giving a better effect for a panic environment.
Lighting would be the same where as daylight changes.
Higher contrast between lights and darks adding to the atmosphere I want to achieve.

Something else I realised was ‘should my video have a title’? A title can be a very important thing as a title by itself can attract a viewer. Do I want my title to be extremely obvious giving the videos plot away, or do I want people to question what it means making them want to view it? This lead me to think about possible titles for my video. My video will be about the fear of time and the effects it can have, so I did some research to find out if there is such thing as a phobia of time. I was quite surprised when I actually found there to be a phobia called ‘ Chronophobia’.


This is known as the fear of time. It seems to mainly effect prison inmates, elderly, people who suffer from long term illnesses ( as they fear they do not have long left to live) or people who have suffered severe trauma that may disrupt there daily routine. It can also effect people who have a mass amount of stress in there day to day life. Chronophobia causes people to think that time is either speeding up or slowing down.


-Panic Attacks
– Sweating
– Uncontrollable Breathing
– Shaking
– Irregular heartbeat
– Claustrophobia

After reading all of these symptoms, this was exactly what I wanted to portray within my own video, so I thought it would be fitting to use ‘Chronophobia’ as the title of my final video.



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