Research Week – Memory or Time?

We finally found out the themes in which would could chose from, these being :

Time or Memory

This now gave me the opportunity to think about what I want to achieve from my video and what theme it would fit into the best. For some reason memory did not stand out to me and I believe this is because at this specific time I felt I was being consumed by time, almost trapped, with everything that was going on in my life I felt like time was running out and there was no way of escaping it. As I had this on my mind an idea actually came to me within a dream. I wanted to give the sense of being trapped by time in my final video. I wanted to show a form of panic, entrapment and a sense of time running out.

Possible shots:

-Ticking of a clock counting down
– Close up of face
– Hands tied? – idea of not being able to escape
– Close up of mouth – panic
– Close up of eyes
–  Blurred visions
– Sweating
– Possible opening of the door as I do not know what awaits for me when time runs out
– Ties released to make it seem as if i am no longer trapped
– They tighten and door slams shut
– Clocks begins ticking again


– Ticking of the clock
– Heart Beat – Starts slow gets faster
– voice overs? – get me out? stop the ticking?

Idea Development:

After I came up with this idea we had a session in which we told out lecturer our ideas and where it could lead. When I was explaining what I wanted to do, he made me realise that I was creating a story and that a video doesn’t need to have a narrative. This is when I decided I had lost what I originally wanted to portray which was making the viewer feel the sense of panic that was being shown. I decided to make my ‘narrative more simple by taking away the opening of the door, the ties being loosened etc.


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