Interactive Possibilities with Moving Image and ‘Leviathan’

As technology continues to develop and expand, the possibilities seem endless when it comes to developing something unique and creative. More specifically ‘interactivity’ allows us to be a part of the footage itself making us feel like we are apart of that moving image.

zeega – interactive moving image and other elements all within the container.

3WDOC – html 5 based and css

Flash is dead!!

Some examples can be seen below:

‘bubbles’ is an interactive video in which when someone casts their shadow over the projection, and touches one of the bubbles it will move and change direction. If the person touches a bubble with their shadow quite forcefully then the bubble will burst.

PENGUIN – look at how stories can use some of the web technologies to explore a narrative in a different way.  –

BBH labs doing interesting things with penguin


Was shot with lots of different camera types. To get a sense of the different types of people they were looking at.

The life of being at sea for such a long period of time. – fishing

Creating an immersive feel to the piece

A form a claustrophobia.

When watching this video I had never felt so immersed into a piece of work. I did not feel it was a pleasant thing to witness yet I felt I could not escape from it. This then causing that claustrophobia to take hold of me as a viewer.

This video shows a questions and answer session with the producers of ‘Leviathan’ in which they discuss the title of the film as well as the way in which they chose to incorporate sound and image in a unique fashion.




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