During this lecture we looked at montage and how it is used within the film industry.

First we were shown a video to explain how montage works within a film. The video below shows a man with a rather plain expression across his face. First a bowl of soup is shown and then his facial expression. This makes it seem like he is hungry and is about to enjoy some lunch. Secondly a girl in a coffin is shown and then the same expression is shown this makes it seems like he is grieving for the person who has been lost. Thirdly a woman is shown and then his expression this makes him look lustful and desires the woman. This use of montage is extremely simple yet very effective. The aim is to get the viewer to respond in the way that it is being shown and this is achieved very well in this video.

After this we were shown a video by Bill Viola called ‘ The reflecting pool’. At first we were shown the first 3 minutes or so and we watched the man walk up to the pool. We were then asked to discuss what we think might happen, most of us who had not already watched the video guessed that he would just jump in. When the video played he jumped into the air ‘ this making us think we had guessed correctly’ however the man stopped in mid jump even though the pool itself was still moving. We were then asked how he created this? This was rather simple when you realise the technique that was used.  There was a clear line through the image which was a non moving image meaning he did ‘split screen’ He had the image of himself in mid air on the top half of the footage, whilst the video on the bottom half continued to play. As this technique was executed so well it was a brilliant way to trick the mind.



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