Task 4 – Hybrids

After having a lecture on the hybrid forms that surround us today we were asked to research our own forms of hybrids whether this being image based or even music based. The first thing I came across was a French artist called Sebastien Del Grosso in which he combines his two passions of photography and drawing. He first incorporated himself into his experiments in which he photographed himself in his apartment with a simple lighting set up. He then drew apart of the photograph and then scanned and cleaned this in photoshop. He added a soft brush effect to his photograph giving it a more painting feel making an easier flow throughout the final product. He then chose to continue this creative experiment with other people making his work seem less repetitive. He decided to do this to make his imagery more ‘pleasant to the eye’ and to form an imaginative outlook on photography.

sc3a9bastien-del-grosso sc3a9bastien-del-grosso3sc3a9bastien-del-grosso1 sc3a9bastien-del-grosso1 (1)
I decided to delve further into art and how they are able to create hybrid forms. The first piece of art that came to mind was a painting by Marcus Harvey of Myra Hindley. This painting caused so much controversy that it is still talked about to this day. Myra Hindley is known for ‘The Moors Murders’ in which she and her partner Ian Brady committed 5 murders in which the victims were aged between 10 and 17. The reason why this piece of art work is highly criticised and caused a tremendous amount of controversy was due to the fact that the painting was created by use children’s hand prints. I believe this is a form of hybridity as when a painting is normally constructed the ‘norm’ is the use of a paint brush. But not a single paint brush was used. His aim was to show the how extensive the crimes that she committed effect the surrounding others.

myra1 (1)


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