252MC – Website Idea

Looking back at task one, in which I looked a 3 photographers websites. My overall view on the layouts was that Rankin’s really captured the viewer and had that professional and neat layout. However I plan to skip the first page and my aim is to achieve a layout that has a slideshow of roughly 6-8 photographs. This will allow the viewer to see the variety of styles in which I may specialise in from wedding photography to portraiture or any personal projects that may be taking place. I want to have a simple selection bar across the top allowing easy navigation for any viewers that may visit the site. The menu will consist of Home, Portfolio, Prices, Blog, Contact, Facebook and Twitter. Above the menu bar will simply say Jade Alexander Photography.

I think as I begin to use dreamweaver and slowly put together my website, changes will be made to create a neater finish. The final product may not look nothing like this as I may begin to see things in which may not look right for what I aim to achieve. Which is a professional appearance which allows the viewers to easily navigate. I also want to split the menu up slightly so there are clear spaces between so I am considering using a logo to make a symetrical feel to my website as seen below.

Website Design2


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