252mc Task 1

Find 3 Photographers’ websites (they might be practitioners you already know, or curated sites) and compare & contrast their sites/interfaces based on:

  • Accessibilty
  • Findabilty
  • Usability


Accessibility –  ‘Easily approached or entered.‘ – Dictionary definition

Such as people with disability. The things we can do to help people with disabilities. Such as being able to increase the text size, a description of the image including things such as grass ( every single detail)

Find ability – ‘Findability is a term for the ease with which information contained on a website can be found, both from outside the website and by users already on the website.’ – Dictionary Definition

Usability – “The extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction in a specified context of use” – Dictionary Definition


– Make sure its fast and snappy
– Needs to work across a range of browsers and device
– Search engine optimised


– Site is accessible
– Easy to navigate and find the stuff you want
– Gives the user what they need
– Is appropriate for your audience


– Design supports
– The content fits on screen
– Important is obvious and accessible
– Clean, appropriate navigation (finger clickable on mobile devices)
– Legible text
– Links and content are clearly distinguishable.
– 1000×768 pixels

3 Photographers – Mine and Yasmins Websites



When first visiting the website you are greeted with his homepage which is shown below:

Steve McCurry homepage
As you look at the screen, a slideshow is being played showing images randomly from all of his photography albums. This is a great way to capture the audiences attention to his creative style of working.  There is a simple navigation bar at the top of the screen making it simple for the viewer to see what they want to find. When I further explored his website I came across his photo galleries as below:

steve mccurry galleries

Here you can see all of his projects he has done over his time as a photographer. Above the projects is a filter tool allowing you to find a specific type of project he has done making for simple navigation. The use of his dark background allows the contrast of his work to capture the eye of the viewer. Also the simplicity of his layout brings a professionalism to his website as the viewer does not get confused when navigating around.

The one thing I felt could have been improved was where his contact information was held. You can find his contact email at the bottom of the page, but I felt if i were to just be visiting the page to find his contact information he would benefit from have a contact tab at the top of the screen, as a viewer may end up clicking on different tabs to try and find the information

Overall I feel this is a very efficient website allowing great accessibility and usability. When comparing this to Tom Hunters website, I believe Tom Hunter could improve a lot on his website.



rankin hom page

If you visit his page you can see the very artistic approach, such as his work, to his website. The use of white on the overall website creates a ‘crisp’ and ‘professional outcome in which makes the viewer want to explore his website further. On the front page as above, there are several options to give an example I clicked on ‘Rankin’.


Above is the layout of his page, its has a constant loop/slideshow of 6 photographs showing his variety of styles and ways of working from advertising to celebrity portraiture. At the top of the page are a clear ‘selection bar’ in which you can navigate to find specific things you may be looking for such as different projects he has done, exhibitions taking place he even includes his tumblr and twitter feed so you can keep up to date with any current projects taking place or things he himself finds inspirational.  Overall I think it is an extreme high end website in which the layout has clearly been thought out to create a lasting impact of the viewer.



Home Page

tom hunter home page

Out of the 3 photographs websites that I visited I found this one to be the most basic. I did not feel that it left an impact when looking at his home page. Whilst he also uses ‘white’ such as Rankin, its does not give that professional element in which Rankin holds in his website. It is extremely bland and leaves his images looking flat. You have to make sure you create a website that allows your photographs or any form of work to stand out otherwise it starts to merge together making it unappealing. Comparing this to Rankins, Rankin’s use of vivid colour throughout his photography work means using a white palette across his website allows them colours to become even more vivid capturing the eye of any viewer.

Tom Hunters Gallery

gallery tomIf you then click onto one of his projects it opens up to show the photographs taken for the project. However it has an extremely messy approach as no consideration has been taken when it comes to presentation.

tom hunter open gallery
Comparing this to Rankins layout for his photography gallery, you can see a huge difference of professionalism.

rankin gallery
I think depending on your style of work that you are creating, this will make you want to create a certain look to your website and it is crucial to carry the message you want your photographs to make throughout your website. For instance, Steve McCurry is a documentary photographer and if you look at his website design it matches the cultural colours that he would see in the places he visits. If Steve McCurry was to have Rankins website layout you would not completely feel the impact of what he is trying to show throughout his work.


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