252MC Brief

252MC Digital Media Tutor: Mez Packer – m.packer@coventry.ac.uk
Office: ETB06

Learning Outcomes for this module are as follows:
1. analyse the language of digital media by placing it within the wider context of
information cultures;
2. integrate and apply formal research methods and idea development;
3. demonstrate creativity and the ability to construct a narrative appropriate to the
production of a range of integrated new media forms;
4. demonstrate technical proficiency in the manipulation of internet based
information to produce a considered piece of networked digital media;
5. evidence their engagement with the creative-critical process through detailed
analysis, evaluation and reflection upon their own work and the work of others.

The Assignment Brief addresses Learning Outcomes 1-5
On your own *serverspace (http://www.yourname.co.uk/) create an ONLINE web
artefact, that utilises free to download blogging or CMS software (WordPress).
• The artefact must demonstrate the student’s ability to integrate 3rd party gallery
software (of your choice) to interactively display various sets of original photos
(titles of sets to be announced in lectures)). These must be displayed via the
open source blogging software – but can also be displayed via static gallery
pages hosted on your server space.
• The blog element of your artefact must be networked to other student blogs in
your **research group and have links to various Web 2.0 applications. These will
also be announced in the sessions but you will be required to use Flickr and
Twitter as a minimum.
• The web artefact must also evidence an ability to write/edit XHTML and CSS and
link to at least one trial/static page (which will be made in workshops) and
hosted on a separate folder on your serverspace.
2. Your workbook will be evidenced through the online artefact and will document and
support your development in creating the artefact. You will also be asked to evaluate
three key readings throughout the term that deal with current Digital Media theory.
Blogging your work also encourages an atmosphere of creative collaboration where
ideas and research can be shared effectively.

*Serverspace must comprise minimum: 500mb hosting space, MySQL database
functionality, PHP version 5.0, FTP upload/download


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