Memorable Video

Ok Go  – Here we Go

In the era that we live in today, the world is constantly trying to update itself. Music artists are attempting to create modernised pieces to capture the eye of the audience as we are constantly evolving and adapting the the modern digital era. However in this video they cut back to the basics by using a static shot in which they use an everyday object to create motion in the video footage. It is not just the motion throughout the video that keeps you engaged but also the facial expressions in which they hold throughout the video. Even though this does not hold any digital manipulation the simplicity and natural creativity of the idea that has been produced is clearly shown throughout the footage. The video itself does not hold a narrative however it can be linked to the lyrics in the song such as

‘Just when you think that you’re in control,
just when you think that you’ve got a hold,
just when you get on a roll,
here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again.’

The use of the treadmills tends to hold a repetitive nature in which can be related to the lyrics above. The object is something in which someone could easily loose control on.


2 thoughts on “Memorable Video

  1. I think this video is a really good example of a band doing something different with their music video. They could have easily filmed it with better quality equipment or had a film crew to do more than just the one static shot. This links to what we learnt in the lecture about Diegesis in filming where the film maker doesn’t attempt to hide their presence and form the structure of the narrative; you are definitely aware that this is effective a home-made amateur film shot by the band members however it works with the upbeat and playful tone of the song.

  2. I love this video because of it not conforming to regular videos but has become popular. I never noticed the connection with the lyrics before tough. I guess probably as I never tend to think about them more than singing along to it. In my opinion the main reason you are pulled in is due to the video itself.

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