Introduction To 263MC

As this was my chosen module I was looking forward to seeing what was expected and what I would learn from it overall.

We first had a lecture based around ‘cliche’ and how we could avoid this when we were to make our own videos.

What is the meaning of ‘Cliche’?

definition : a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.

Putting this into video terms, it means techniques or aspects of filming that is overused and the idea itself lacks originality.

We were shown some experimental videos in which avoided these cliche ways of filming and these are shown below:

I had watched this video during a photography lecture. The most memorable scene from this piece was the use of the woman’s eye and the moon. As the sky went across the moon it switched to a blade cutting through her eye. This shows an extremely unique and creative shot in which completely shocks viewers. The aim of a video is to create some sort of response from the viewer and this video definitely accomplished this.

Another video that I found quite disturbing was ‘Dinner’ by Jan Svankmajer. This video shows how a humans react to food in which we then realise they are eating themselves. However it was not just them eating themselves that was disturbing, but the use of sound of the food being ‘slopped’ onto the plate was a horrible thing to listen to as it is not something we tend to pay attention to when we ourselves are in that environment.

We were also introduced to a different way of being experimental such as an editing technique. Below is a video which uses a form of animation to create a different atmosphere for the viewer. It gives a comic book feel which makes it rather interesting to watch. However this is something I am personally not interested in creating in my own video.

After this we were told to find our own videos that we found experimental. This actual proved to be rather interesting as everyone had there own versions of what was ‘experimental’ meaning there was a wide variety of videos that was shown during the lecture. Below are some of my favourites.

I found this video almost hypnotising, my eyes were completely glued to the screen wondering what was going to happen next. The use of colour absorbs the viewer making your eyes not want to leave the screen.

This was not about the experimental way of filming but more about what they were filming. The concept itself proves to be rather an amusing thing to watch and this is the only reason you want to watch more.


We were also shown a video in which was extremely experimental and would have taken a long time to perfect. The video below shows something completely original.

However Honda then found this video and created there own version for a tv ad. They however up’ed the ‘stakes’ by making it extrememly professional and ‘crisp’

Overall this lecture was very engaging and really made you think about all of the things that are possible especially in this day and age. It allowed your mind to think about what you may want to experiment within your own videos or maybe even in future projects.


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