Photographing a Stranger and Someone You Know

Another task was to photograph a stranger and someone I knew, we could interpret this as much as we liked. As I have done a project based on strangers this was pretty straight forward. However I did not just want to use one of the photographs from my strangers part 2. Whilst I was photographing for my project a man noticed I was photographing and he seemed rather intrigued and this was when he asked if i would take his photograph, this was the perfect opportunity to get the photograph I needed. It was also an extremely different experience for someone to actually ask if I would photograph them, as many people shy away from cameras when its taken by someone they don’t know.

Photograph a stranger colour

The person I chose to photograph that I knew was Lauren. We have been best friends for nearly 5 years and we are extremely close. I have photographed Lauren many time for previous projects so she is used to being in front of the camera. As we are very close I am able to direct her with ease and she simply follows my instructions making for an easy photo shoot. Even though the stranger above was wanting to be photographed there was no emotional attachment to the person in front or behind the camera making the experience slightly disconnected compared to when photographing my best friend. Overall I happy with both results as it was nice that both wanted to be photographed compared to my past encounters with strangers.



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