Introduction To 201mc – Professional Practice

What is the module about?

Opportunities, experience, trial and error, scary, fun, exciting, challenges, frustrating, rewarding, network, people, places.

What am I going to do when I finish this degree?

You can try out things your not sure on whether you want to do or not? If it does not work out you know that is the direction you should not go.

The lecturers are not teaching us, we are leading our own module, they are there to guide us.

We have to find our own opportunities. There are professionals that love to take on students so they can share their knowledge with you. But they are waiting for you to come to them not the other way around.

We are going to be building our own careers. If we want to earn a certain amount of money we have to find the job that supports and gives that amount in your chosen career.

Build your network by getting as many connections as possible.

This professional experience is all about what you learn on your own in which you can apply the knew knowledge in the future.

4 dates to attend 10 till 1 in GSG22

Thursday 3 oct

Thursday 5th Dec

Wednesday 8th Jan

Thursday 27th March

You will get people who turn you down, only one person may reply out of the many emails you send out to people. Don’t give up and keep trying.

Blog our professional experience. 20 days of experience as a minimum. Do not turn things down.

We will not get any credit if we do not do the paper work for each of your experiences. Always consider the risks, if you do the paper work and you break the camera, it will cover it.

Assignment 1 : hand in 7 January – 1500 word essay – what we have already done to gain experience, how it is going to enhance your future. Start making a plan and explain what you did in this essay

Assignment 2 hand in – 14th May


13, 14, 15 May 2014 – only attend one of these dates

Create a 5 minute video on your experience, you could talk to the camera, or include photographs form your experiences.

You are not graded on where your experience is taking place. It is being assessed on your reflection of your experiences, the presentation and the plan.

Media Production – Steve Dawkins

MC – Martyn Lee

Journalism – Jacqui Bleetman

On Moodle there is a link to creative futures.

The student handbook – to register your placements

What you have to do when you find out you have a placements

1) You should have your placements verbally agreed firstly by your tutor and then you should fill in the online WP 01 form.

2) Your tutor will complete a risk assessment with you and either authorise the placement or ask for further information. Tier 4 students will be required to also fill in a remote study form.

3) Starter Pack will be emailed to employer and student to complete. Student to email back to

4) Tier 4 students will be required to keep in touch with their tutor every week via moodle whilst on placement.

5) Once placement is completed, student to complete the evaluation form and email back to email above.




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