Summer Work – Review 2

During the summer I decided to revisit the Herbert Gallery in Coventry. I have been there twice before however I wanted to find something I hadn’t really looked at. I chose to visit an art exhibition which consisted of photographs from 1920’s to present. 


The sun throws my sorrow away 2012 by Fiona Rae. – oil and acrylic.
Rae is known for her highly coloured abstract paintings. Her work may look like certain elements were made by accident she actually has a very skilled and controlled hand.


Supersoft 2010 – Spray Paint on canvas – By SPQR – They work on the streets with a canvas in which they use complex stencils, freehand spraying and screen prints. The reason behind this ‘way of art’ is that he feels people are more accepting and willing to appreciate it without seeing it as ‘vandalism’.


John Bellany never gives a name to his work. He sends an intense feel when creating his work allowing the viewer to interpret his paintings themselves.


The inchanted Road – 1927 by Frank Salisbury – oil on canvas
Painted from the viewpoint of a passenger in the back seat of a car driven by one of Siddeleys daughter. The lights of the car light up the road in which a rabbit is caught in the headlights.


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