Summer Task – Review One

During the summer we were given a few tasks that we had to complete. One of these being to review two cultural events whether this being an exhibition, an event or a film etc. At the beginning of my summer I spotted a program called Imagine: Vivian Maier – Who Took Nanny’s Pictures? on BBC1. I found myself captivated by her story from the very beginning. It was based on a French Nanny whose photographic talent was not found until she died in 2009 in which she left behind a secret hoard of photographs she had taken in her lifetime. Some people came across them in storage lockers in Chicago and were sold off very cheap. Her photographs consisted of 40 years worth of her being a Nanny aswell as photographs she would take outside of her work. Vivian stored almost 100,000 photographs in storage lockers and it wasn’t until she died that her photographs became known.

A lot of her photographs consisted of what she saw around her on her travels as she walked home. Soon as the photographs were taken she would simply store them away forever. Its fascinating how she felt content with leaving these photographs in storage never to show them to anyone. However once they were found the prices soared allowing them to sell for almost $8000 a piece.

The beautiful thing about this story is how they unravelled her past to find out who this woman with an amazing eye was. She was an extremely private woman and would not talk about her life and this documentary delves into her background to find as much about her as possible.

I would recommend this program to anyone because it truly is a fascinating story about a remarkable street photographer whose work deserves to be admired. Below are a few photographs however many more are seen throughout the whole of the documentary.

56-423 56-655 article-2075228-0F33930100000578-672_964x940 Undated, New York, NY Vivian-Maier-Self-Portrait


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