Over the summer holiday we were given a few tasks to do. One of these was to go back to one of your projects over the past year and adapt on it as time limits can sometimes restrict your thoughts and ideas when working on a project. I chose to go back to my strangers project as I did notice some key points whilst working on this project that I would like to work on.

I noticed when asking for people’s photograph they were put on edge and their posture and facial expressions would change, this then carried off onto the photographs which were taken. It becomes much more of an unnatural representation of a person as they are taken out of their normal environment with their friends. As I did not know these people they did not know how to ‘pose’ for the photograph whether they should force a smile for the person standing behind the camera or whether they should become emotionless, creating a blank canvas allowing future viewers to see nothing but features.  I also wanted to use a change of media to see how different the experience would be, however I will turn them black and white in post production to show similarities through both of my projects, I also believe colour can be very distracting when photographing people and I want the people to be the ones that you first see.

This is why I decided to now take my project in a slightly different direction to see how the photographs differ. I chose to photograph strangers without them knowing as this allowed me to capture them in their own comfortable environments. I found that people’s expressions and postures were much more natural as they were unaware of the cameras presence. As Nan Goldin said  ‘The complete disregard for the camera’s presence indicates its complete saturation in their lives. The subject neither notices nor seems to care that someone has been invited into their private moment.’

When taking these photographs there was a lot less stress as I did not have to ask for their permission, however I did have to deal with strange looks but I felt it was more down to curiosity. I feel like I want to make this project an ongoing piece of work because we forget peoples interactions and they way people respond to certain situations.

Here are my final photographs:

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