154mc – You are the Apple of my Eye Review

Coventry University offer a free East Asian movie society in which aims to bring awareness to the East Asian Cinema. They hold a new screening a few times a year on a Wednesday. Due to people interpretation of subtitled movies people tend to pass the opportunity by, so with some persuasion (popcorn) they are able to bring awareness of the film society to the Coventry University Students.

When going to watch this movie known as ‘You are the Apple of my Eye’  I had low expectations as subtitled movies can be extremely hard to follow, as if you look away for a second you can miss a key plot point. However this was not the part that I struggled with and I will talk about that later in the review. The main plot line is based on Ko Ching-Teng who is known as the class clown and Shen Chia-yi who is the honour student in the class in which you would not consider these two different people to form such a strong bond. These two different characters compliment each other as Ko brings out the wild side of Shen and visa versa. The story could be classed as a teenage romance in which has its up and down yet they persevere and become stronger than ever. Like most romance movies it was rather slow moving and I may have lost interest throughout the movie but due to the simplicity of the storyline it was simple to get back into. The parts which I feel were highly inappropriate was the high usage of ‘masturbation’ and home nudity scenes in which they used bizarre sound effects trying to make it a humorous experience for the viewer, but I personally found it bizarre and out of place for the supposed to be ‘heartwarming’ storyline. Me not being a fan of romance films made me lose interest rather fast so if you also are not a fan of ‘first love romances’ take this movie off of your ‘to-watch’ list. The friendships that grow throughout the film are heart warming and is relatable to the viewer which makes it more appealing to others who watch as it can take them back to their own past experiences, such as when they encountered their first love, strong bonds between friends, even moving from school to university. In this case Ko moves into a University however Shen does not perform up to her usual high standard meaning she is unable to attend the University she would have liked. This causes them to lose contact for a while and their relationship deteriorates and communication becomes minimal until an Earthquake takes place. This panics Ko as their is no phone signal to contact Shen, he decides to run all the way to her to make sure she is safe. Tehy decide that they were never meant to be. Years passed and Shen tells Ko that she is getting married, as he was looking for inspiration for a story he was currently trying to write, he knew then what his story would be about. It would be about their lives and how they grow up over time.


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