154mc – Starry Starry Night Review

As I found that the last movie was a success I found myself going into this film open minded and I was becoming more acceptant of the subtitled language. Starry Starry night is based on two 13 year olds in which have to deal with complicated situations in one an others lives. Jay is the new boy in school in which you get a timid vibe from in which Mei notices his sketchbook that he is always carrying. You learn that Jay is an Artist making Mei have an automatic connection with as she grew up around her Mother’s knowledge of art. The complications in which these two characters face are extremely relatable such as, Mei’s parents impending divorce and the emotional shift that is caused inside of her, to Jay’s constant switch in location due to running away from his drunken abusive father, even to high school problems such as bullying and lack of acceptance. As Mei begins to watch her Mother and Fathers relationship deteriorate she is surround by puzzles in which her family used to complete together every year. As she sees flashbacks of when they were happy as as family through each puzzle that has been created she begins to see how different their family has become which sends her into a spiral of sadness. To help her get through she creates a fantast world in which the wood carvings her grandfather made come to life. However her grand father later passes away in which she feels the need to complete the starry starry night puzzle in which her family will no longer complete together. As she begins to finish the puzzle she is missing a piece of the brightest star, representing how she has lost a piece of her life through her grand father. She begins to feel lost as she feels she is unable to move on without this final piece. Mei is later left to decide who she wishes to live with when her parents are finally divorced, but due to all that has happened she runs away with Jay to her Grand fathers house in the mountains. During the train journey her imagination begins to take over as she is surrounded by the starry starry night vision in which the use of distortion with slow motion represents the current emotions that this character is going through and been through.

Unfortunately Jay had to move due to his father catching up with him and his use of violence towards the school bully. Mei rethinks about her past and how even though life consists of things you do not feel you can overcome these sad times, you always find a way, whether this is on your own or the help of a friend such as Jay. As the movie comes to a close Mei is sent the final piece of the puzzle meaning she finally felt she could move on with her life in which sends her to Paris for her adult life. There are reminders of Jay when she sees the carol singers as it sends her back to when he played along to their singing when he lived across the road from her. This is when Mei’s half sister points out a puzzle of starry starry night with the piece of the brightest star missing. She goes into the shop to find out more about the puzzle, she finds the store owner in which you are lead to believe that this man is Jay and that hopefully she is able to start this new chapter of her life with him.


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