154mc – Luca Foglia Exhibition

When visiting Ireland our first stop was Belfast in which we visited MAC Arts Venue. We then were introduced to the work and left to look around the exhibition, here are some of the images:

David in his wigwam, Kevin's Land, Virginia

We later found out that these people live away from civilisation. They completely cut off electricity and are not even on the grid of the government. They live a completely raw lifestyle in which they use the natural resources around them to get by such as hunting, building fires and clothing. They have no form of education as they decide to learn the ways of life. With the first image I found that I was trying to figure out what this beast was, as if you look closely it almost has a human aspect, giving it an eery disturbing atmosphere. The third image you can clearly see the contrast between both worlds, she has the look of confusion as she questions how fashion changes when they are not apart of the ongoing culture that changes within civilisation. The second photograph was one of my favourites from the whole exhibition. The use of natural light from a small light source allows a softness to fall over the man. It was strange to witness how he was living (which is his own choice) compared to the way we are living. I looked at this photograph multiple times as it almost looked like a painting due to the amazing amount of detail with the soft natural lighting that falls upon him. With the last image I found rather unnatural as many people find it unnatural for a woman to handle a weapon of any kind. It seems that in their world men and women become equals as the mother teaches her daughter to aim. It makes me have a huge respect for the way in which they chose to live. They do not rely on the forms of technology that we strive to always be surrounded by and it shows that even in this day and age we could all simply be stripped away from our over modernised world in which we live in and survive just as countless others have in the past. I found myself drawn into every photograph in this exhibition as it all felt so different from the way we live. Below is an image of a family in which used to live the way which we do, she especially loved being glamorous in which she spent loads of money to pay for her highly priced wedding, however she chose to change to way she lived and this is why she is holding a photograph of herself before, to show the contrast between both living styles. It also showed that it can be so simple to change the way you live, but it’s taking the first steps that are the hardest such as pulling your children out of school, having no money, no form of communication. Due to how technology is taking over the world this is become less likely to happen than ever.


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