154mc- Final Letter to Self

Dear Jade,

WOW!!!! What a first year at University this has been. Looking back at your last letter you set yourself some goals in which you wanted to achieved over this first year. During your first year you gave a presentation in which you strove to deliver a confident and well rehearsed piece and doing so has built up your confidence tremendously. Doing this has allowed you to be more confident not only in yourself but also in your work however you still are unsure in which direction you wish to take your photography career, but no need to worry about that, you still have plenty of time. You still feel that you have not gained enough confidence to speak freely when answering questions but you are doing much better than before, so see this as something you will constantly develop on throughout your time at University. During University you have experimented with things you had not previously done such as Pinhole Photography, Still Life Photography and moving image. This allowed you to broaden your knowledge and develop your skills further as a photography student. Your understanding of lighting has become a key element that you have learned in your first year as it is something you will always have to deal with throughout your photographic career. You found a keen interest for moving image in which led you to chose a moving image optional module. Moving image is something I find myself looking into more depth throughout the years to come and this is the reason I chose to pick a moving image module as people are more likely to hire someone who is capable of not just photography but also moving image, so I feel this could really benefit me in the future. One more thing that you have really achieved this year is your knowledge on other photographers as this was one of my faults during my Coventry University interview. The lectures that have been held has introduced me to new photographers, but has also broadened my knowledge of photographers I had previously looked upon at college.

Unfortunately one thing you have not achieved during your time is to have done some self directed projects which is something you really do need to start doing as this will then help you with choosing a career path to go down. However due to the amount of inspiration you have found throughout other photographers, you have some ideas for projects to do over the summer which is something you definitely intend to do.

Overall, you feel you have accomplished so much more than you could of imagined for your first year. You have already started looking into the international placement that takes place in the third year, which is something you are extremely excited for. Thinking about what next year will bring is an intriguing thought, it will be much harder than this year, so make sure you prepare yourself over the summer for a stressful but exciting experience but it will be so worth it in the future.




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