154mc- De-touched Exhibition

When attending this exhibition I honestly did not know what to expect, however when I came face to face with it I was rather shocked. It was nothing like I expected it to be, it was based in a rather large open room in which you are first approached by 5 tv screens in which were made by A.K Burns called Touch Parade (2011). These screens consisted of an egg/and other objects being squashed by a foot, someone treading through mud, a balloon being blown up which then pops, feet on car pedals and someone putting gloves on. Some of the screens were quite low to the ground which represented the action that was on the screen as this action was low to the ground. Whilst others ( the balloon popping) takes places mid waist and this is why the tv monitor was at mid waist height. As I move around the large space the exhibition also includes a large sculpture in which morphs anything that is to stand infront of it created by Alice Channer called Amphibians, a white face mask that is against the wall that it almost seems invisible created by Seth Price, and 6 large 5ft pencil rubbings on the wall created by Sunah Choi. I found the whole exhibition rather bizarre. Everything seemed out of place and I did not seem to understand the concept of these pieces of  art. I then decided to look at the brochure to see if that could give me some insite to the artists minds however I came up short as this brochure confused me to my core. Its use of repetitiveness with the words ‘detouched’ ‘touched’ whilst constantly contradicting himself confuses the reader. It almost looks like he is going through a mental break down, which then sends us in a down spiral of endless confusion. This sent me in a direction of disinterest not only down to confusion but I did not find the pieces visually pleasing. I felt the drawings on the wall was something I used to create a primary school. The morph mirror reminded me of the mirror maze you find at a fun fair. I felt the most interesting part of the exhibition was the video pieces, as you do get that sense of touching even though you yourself are not contributing to any form of touching or are we? are we touching with our eyes? I personally felt this exhibition was beyond ridiculous as I was in no shape or form inspired by what I had just witness which in my personal opinion was a train wreck.


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