154mc – Alone Review

Due to the last film I once again had low expectations however I was pleasantly surprised when I watched this movie. The use of dark lighting with intense music brings this twisted story to life. Alone is based on Pim and her sister Ploy who go through the complications of life due to them being conjoined at the stomach. At first you are lead to believe that Ploy died during a surgery to separate them however we later find out this is definitely not the case. Pim then has to travel to her home town due to her Mother falling ill. Going back to this house that was once a home to her brought back a staggering amount of memories being as all the clothing in which the twins wore were still in the wardrobe. This film consists of many flashbacks so the viewer is able to know who these two people were, these two twins knew they were special and continued to enjoy life to the fullest. The first puzzle to this suspense film is when a figure 8 is drawn on the mirror side ways, this was a figure in which Pim and Ploy used to draw to represent there inseparable bond.  The horror continues when she runs back to bed and tries to calm down, lying on her side she closes her eyes and when she opens them her dead twin sister is lying there. Again the use of suspenseful music contributes to the scene in which impacts the way a viewer is supposed to feel. As the sightings of her sister continue to haunt her throughout the movie Wee ( her boyfriend) begins to be concerned and sends her to a psychiatrist, she tells him how she keeps seeing her sister, even seeing her sister as her own reflection. Throughout the flashbacks of the twins you notice a clear difference in personality , Pim is friendly and is known as the pretty one even if they are identical twins. Ploy you could say is more boisterous and is jealous of the attention she gets. Pim and Ploy met Wee when they were at the hospital and he instantly grew affections towards Pim. Wee himself begins to see things as he watches Pim behind a glass panal but to his surprise there is a second reflection, when he pulls the panal back there is no one but Pim. As you can see, it sounds like the typical type of horror in which you think ends with the lead character going through a major life changing experience but this film consists of a huge twist which I suppose could be classed as a character development. We later learn that Pim is actually Ploy!! A flashback tells us that Pim wanted to get separated but Ply did not want this and ended up straggling her to death. As she felt that Pim has a better life she removed her glasses and said she was Pim. Wee finds out when he visits Pim and Ploys mother, in which she told him the truth with her last dying breathes.  The truth escalates into a physical fight as Ploy tries to kill him for not loving her. The ending results in Ploy behind squashed by a cabinet, but the use of the reflection in the window I feel represents her sister once again joining her. This theory is solidified when you see Ploy lying in the cabinet/representation of a grave, in which Pim crawls her way up to Ploy and lies on top of her where they were once conjoined. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this film which allowed the audience to go on a roller coaster of emotions. I felt this movie especially has changed my perception of East Asian Cinema.


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