154mc – Under-Represented Groups within the Media.

When considering under represented groups within the media, I wanted to think out side of the box. To do this I had to find out what are the most common known under represented groups within society. After browsing the internet I came across a website which acknowledged the various under represented groups within the media such as:

  • Youths
  • Seniors
  • People with disabilities
  • Low income and working poor
  • Impoverished and/or homeless
  • Immigrants
  • People for whom English is a second language
  • Single Parents
  • Veterans
  • Racial or ethnic minority groups
  • Religious minority groups
  • Members of the gay/lesbians/bisexual/transgender community
  • People with limited education or literacy


As these were the groups in which people considered being under represented, I chose to focus on a completely different topic. This being Graffiti Artists. I feel they are seen as people who vandalise property rather than actual artists. I believe that this is their way of communicating to the world and this is their main form of expression. Whilst some spray words other create master pieces making the plain bricks walls of the town come to life with colour and skill, some of these graffiti artists get caught, in which they can serve prison sentences of months or even over a year. I feel a way to prevent graffiti artists to spray on private property is to create more places in which graffiti is legal. This will allow the artist to express themselves without the feeling of cation when either writing down words they need to share or even creating master pieces.

This is when I decided to go around Coventry looking for the words and arts of these graffiti artists. I was rather surprised when it became difficult to find a variety of graffiti. This is when I started to think like a graffiti artist. Where would there be less people? No cameras? This led me to alley ways and the backs of the buildings as this allowed them to have more time to create.

Here is some of the graffiti in which I found around Coventry:

There was a certain way in which I wanted to edit these images. I chose to add clarity to the photographs bringing out the raw entity that graffiti holds. I also brought down the vibrance of the images to represent the negativity that graffiti receives from the media.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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