154mc – Artefact Informed by Extra Curricular Activity.

From when I was young I remember the days in which I would sit and watch my dad practice on his keyboard. He always got lost in the music and not only played but also sang. I always used to try and copy him but I was too young to fully understand. Since then I have always loved music and I have also always wanted to either learn keyboard or guitar. However I always felt like it was an impossible task so I never came around to buying an instrument to begin learning. Over the years my dad has also stopped playing keyboard as his work started to take over in which his keyboard began to gather dust.

However, I wanted to finally pursue something in which I have always wanted to do. So I FINALLY bought my first guitar about a month ago, as you could imagine I was extremely excited. Not just by the fact that I could finally start learning a skill that I have wanted to learn over many years, but I was also hoping it would inspire my dad to once again play his keyboard in the hope that we could hopefully, one day , sit down together and perform. As I started to talk to my dad about my guitar and some new things I was learning, he actually said that he really wanted to start playing keyboard again and that when I become more fluent in my guitar playing we could ‘jam’ together. So this proved that I did manage to inspire my dad to once again play the keyboard. I chose to use two photographs of my guitar to represent the new skill in which I am learning but also the way in which it can inspire others to either bring music back into their lives or even bring it in for the first time.

guitar edit


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