Task 5

For task 5 we have been told to revisit our Easter Holiday homework in which we had to find 10 interesting uses of light and discuss if and how our understanding of light has changed.

Within my manual I showed an example of light using SpeedLite’s. Looking back at my holiday homework I included a photograph by Danny Santos II. It made me realise that you can create forms of lighting in different ways, yet are able to create a very similar outcome as Danny Santos used natural light for his photograph. This term has also made me realise what you need to consider when using your form of light, such as reflectors,your location and making sure you keep yourself and the equipment used in a safe location making sure everything is sturdy and weather conditions will not damage the equipment. One thing you also have to take into consideration is that light is all around us in different forms, you do not have to use studio lighting to create a professional outcome. This is why I experimented with long exposures with my pinhole, as light slowly gets absorbed leaving that sun streak, I thought of that idea when looking at Michael Shainblum’s photographs of the milky way. Throughout my holiday homework I noticed I included many photographs in which I did not consider the use of a light meter which I now know is extremely important within studio photography to get that balanced lighting in which you want to create.

I feel this term has made me develop a lot more within my photographic techniques. It introduced me to things I had never experienced before such as using lighting equipment for location shoots, pinhole photography and still life photography. I personally enjoyed pinhole photography out of the whole term as it was something completely new to me. I spent the most time on this practical task as I was determined to create the pre visualised photograph that I had in my mind when looked at the location. After a lot of determination throughout this term I am proud of the final outcomes of my work. I personally found the manual the most challenging as it consisted of a lot of information however when I finished the manual I was proud of what I was able to achieve. I have become more aware of the light that surrounds me allowing me to think about what I would want to achieve and the possible disadvantages of the location in which I am shooting on.So far this has been the most enjoyable term due to the amount of practical workshops taken place, I feel I gained the most information when in a practical workshop compared to the note taking lectures (however these are useful also). I am looking forward to using the new techniques I have learned over this term in future projects in which I will continue to take notes of lighting setups so my studio based photography ,can be as smooth running as possible.


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