Task 4 – Severn Trent Reservoir

For task 4 we had to visit a Severn Trent Water Reservoir, in which we had to photograph for a competition in which they are holding. We have to submit at least two images to the competition and then have to submit 2-5 images for finale assessed submission.

The competition did have some rules in which are listed below:

“Each entrant may submit a maximum of five images into the Competition. Photos must have been taken at a STW Visitor Site. A list of sites can be found at www.stwater.co.uk/leisure-and-learning.

Photography subjects can include, but are not limited to:

  • Animals in their environment
  • Animal portraits
  • Plant life and vegetation
  • Landscapes
  • Waterscapes

Photos may be submitted in either full colour or black and white. As photos will be taken whilst on a STW site, the photographer must not attempt to gain access to restricted areas nor place him/herself in danger, in an attempt to gain a particular image.
Freshness, originality, creativity and innovation are at the core of the Competition and should be reflected in all images that are submitted.

Competition prize:

Will you be one of twelve lucky winners? Enter now for a chance for your photo to appear in the calendar and receive £200 of retail vouchers. Plus the photo will feature in an exhibit at our head offices here in Coventry.

We visited the site on May 14th, and unfortunately the weather was not on our side as it rained most of the time we were there. We had multiple directions we could go, so I chose one way however I did not feel this direction was giving me the final images I was looking for. This was when I decided to change directions and this was when I started creating much more interesting photographs.

These are the 5 Images I will be submitting for my module:


Even though the weather was a disaster, I am proud of what I was able to achieve under the circumstances. This was another first for me as I have not really done much landscape photography because I have mainly done portrait photography. I found that it was rather enjoyable to just relax and take the time to explore and photograph, as studio photography can be rather stressful at times. As it was rather cloudy black and white imagery tends to work better as it brings out the different tones in the sky, however with the first image, when I changed it to black and white, the water,wall and path tended to merge together which is not what I wanted. I wanted to create a form of symmetry with the wall, which broke up two separate landscapes.

For the competition I think I will be submitting 1,3 and 5 as I feel these would be the best for a landscape calendar.


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