Task 3 – Research

As we will be photographing still life’s and portraits I decided to look for lighting in which I am going to consider using when I starting photography my subjects.

Still Life Photography:

David Arky:

  • Likes creating unique still life’s and x-ray photography.
  • He loves reflective imagery such as the two images below:David_Arky_David_Yurman_NecklaceDavid_Arky_GP_Pocket_Watchhttp://www.arky.com/accessories

    I find these two photography stunning, the use of light has allowed a great amount of detail to be captured as well as a sharp crisp reflection. I want to attempt to achieve this form of reflective imagery. I think I am most likely going to attempt this with a white background.



The way the lighting set up has given the image a vignette effect has given a form of depth to the image which was needed due to the object being photographed straight on.

He also like to be abstract when photographing objects the relationships within the object. Such as the photograph below:

Henrik started as a skiing photographer however as he started exploring still life photography he soon found himself creating the CD cover of Moby’s  best selling CD.

His uses of vivid colours attracts the viewer capturing their eye, making them look for longer to explore the subject that has been photographed.


Portrait Photography:

For my portraits I am considering using the snoot, so due to this I focused on snoot based portraiture

Spotlight effect:


For this the spotlight will be directly above the model. It has quite a lot of coverage meaning it is also quite high above the model. This then allows the light to soften before reaching her.

More direct light:


Unlike the first photograph, this light will be directly aimed toward to models face. The light is also closer due to the more enclosed circle created from the snoot.

Side Snoot:


For this specific photograph two lights have been used. The snoot will be angled towards the models face, with her looking directly at it. However if you notice their is a form of hair light at the back most likely created with a honeycomb.


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