Task 3 – Representing A Person

Taking the techniques and lighting we had learnt over the few weeks. We now had to create 5 photographs, two portraits and 3 objects to represent that specific person. I knew I really wanted to consider the lighting in these images. I was going to use two different forms of lighting for the portraits however I felt this would not make the set of images flow very well. I also wanted to create a form of lighting I liked from Paul Smiths lecture in which he showed a SHOWstudio video. The lighting I wanted to create for one of my portraits was a spot light effect. To create this I would need a snoot, in which I plan to direct straight down onto my chosen person, this person being Yasmin. I know that if I am to do this I am going to be getting rather dark shadows across Yasmin’s face, so I have to consider the angle of my models face. I also plan to use a reflector underneath her face, to bounce the light back up, hopefully softening them dark shadows that would be created. I then aim to create a different form of lighting with the snoot for my second portrait.

Objects: Many people represent Yasmin with her dancing, however what else represents her? I asked her to think outside of her dancing about objects that represent who she is, and things she found important. This way we are showing the viewers another side of her personality. For these objects I intend to use a lighting that I have previously experimented with, using 3 soft boxes, one at the back of the infinity curve, and one at either side of the objects. However I do not want the lighting to be exactly the same in each object I photograph. So I will experiment with angling the lights in different directions to create a different shade of lighting.

Here are my contact sheets for all of my shoots:

ContactSheet-003These are the 3 objects Yasmin decided to bring. She brought her candles as she uses them to help her relax when in stressful situations. She also brought a pair of her favourite wedges, as she absolutely loves shoes. Her third object was her pandora jewellery, this included her bracelet and 3 rings.

Here was my snoot shot, in which I used different compositions to great a dramatic lighting effect. One thing I remember Paul saying in a workshop was how boring a straight on portrait is such as my first 3 images in my contact sheet. This is when I started to do side portraits, or her head slightly turned in a different direction as it adds a little more depth into the image. I think due to me having planned what I wanted to create lighting wise, it made my shoot run a lot more smoothly then if I was to go in unprepared.

I went back and forth between images trying to decide for my final 5 photographs I would use. Eventually I chose these 5 to represent Yasmin.

side portrait


Still life set upSlight adjustments for each objects such as angle of soft box and power. Candles – backlight at power 6. Side lights at power 4 – directly pointing at objects. Shoes Side lights turned down to 2.5 and slightly angled at the background. Pandora Bracelet side lights go up to 5 and are aimed towards the object.

With the candle image, I did start out with 3 candles however I felt it looks odd, as two of the candles were the same size and colour, so I did not feel it added to the photograph. This was when I chose to take one of them out, this automatically change the feel of the image as there was just too over crowded.

With the shoes I wanted to make sure it was slightly different composition, so instead of having the shoes central of the frame I made sure they were slightly to the right.

Overall I am rather proud of the outcome of all of these images. These workshops over this term have really helped me understand light a lot more and how you can control it to get your desired look. I really enjoyed doing still life photography as it is something I have never had the chance to do, and I feel it is definitely something I will continue to do in the future. With the Pandora image I wanted to make sure I included the reflection of the bracelet as I feel it adds a profesional look to the photograph. To get a clear reflection you have to make sure you are rather low down to the infinity curve because if you get higher that reflection darkens such as the photograph of the shoes.


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