Task 2 Brief

Task 2
Using your pinhole cameras, task 2 requires you to investigate photographically,
the personality of an open place/spacewhen it is devoid of human presence.
You will have little control of the light with your hand-made (pin hole) camera so
you will have to test and learn how it interprets the world. As the pinhole camera
is relatively rudimentary equipment, (unless you make a more sophisticated
version) this task will help you to achieve the learning outcome of appropriate
pre-visualisation skills. Through your tests, you will learn to understand how
your vision is transformed into an image and a permanent negative can be

Reflect on the personality of place/space you are representing (it may be a public
space where people convene or a more private space) and how it is momentarily
transformed when it is populated by certain individuals or groups of people and
consider how you can document this ‘non’ space (Auge 95).
Your submitted work must be original to you. Using your acquired printing skills
to enhance your assessed task, you will need to submit 2 – 4 final photographic
prints which represent the space you are documenting. Remember this task is
part of the assessed work for this module so you are advised to spend time
building on and improving your initial starting point.


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