Michael Collins Talk

  • He is a artist photographer, he also write about photography for 25 years.
  • He was always interested in photography since a young age.
  • He was also a curator and decorator.
  • A little story –  He found a bad copy of a photography in a little shop. He asked the owner if he could make him a print of the image, but the owner said he hasn’t opened the darkroom for years. The owner said he will allow him to borrow the glass plate negative. He has to be very careful not to break or damage it. When he finally made the print, he was fascinated by the outcome, he was automatically drawn into this one image. Because it was not just a huge family portrait, it consisted of many personalities, almost like mini portraits on their own.
  • He thinks family photography is the heart of photography. Such as photographs taken by the family for the family.
  • Quote ‘ If you can take meaningful photographs your on to something’
  • Quote ‘ Looking, Feeling, Thinking’
  • He uses plate camera’s to get the greatest detail in an image.

SW from Barbican 2009

  • The image above when printed was 4ft by 5ft.
  • He said he was you to be able to get up close and the marks that have been left over the years by mankind, and then be able to stand back and see the bigger picture.
  • He is interested in old industrial structures.
  • A photograph will record the traces of time within it.
  • The things he doesn’t go looking for he finds the most surprising and fascinating, which is something he never expects.
  • The viewer finishes the painting.

Rover. Powertrain, Longbridge. 2006_0

  • Used a large ladder, to get some height to the photograph as it would of consisted of a lot of the ground.
  • He had to get escorted around the premises.
  • When he was setting up a man who had once worked at the factory, was furious that he was photographing this now abandoned factory. He said ‘why were you not here when this was a running work place. Michael said he would of loved to have been here when it was running, however he is now documenting what is left, and the image will go down in history, for when the building once again changes throughout the years. Michael said so can you please let me just take this photograph, I am sorry for your lose but I am just documenting what is left. The man then stood down, and let Michael get on with his exposure.

Electrical Fitters Workshop 2006

  • People always tend to be drawn in by text in a photograph. ( the signs)
  • the one thing that also makes this image stand out is the two yellow items in the image.
  • He liked the contrast between new and old structures. such as the new and old walls, the new lights that had recently been put in.



  • I personally found these images stunning. It felt like this places would not exist . It is a place surrounded by clay and marsh lands.
  • He had to make sure he went when the tide was out, because a lot of these boats will be engulfed in water.
  • This is a place he continues to visit throughout the year.
  • He will constantly re-take an image, to get the visualisation he wants to create.
  • I would personally love to visit these places, as I think it would be fascinating to see in person.

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