Library Session and Task

Here we discussed how we can improve on our research skills, to help link peoples work to other photographers and themes within their body of work

  • How to link a certain piece of work to a certain style
  • How to link to other photographers work
  • If there are images that fall under a category such as street photography, you would relate to other photographers that do street photography
  • Look at other pieces the photographer has done not just a set piece of work
  • Is that artist diverse with their style, or continue a set theme throughout there photographic career
  • How does my work fit in with other peoples work
  • Back up your opinions with quotes or an image
  • Describe the light, light can change throughout a piece of work, so say that!
  • Is the light used in composition, hard light creates black shadows giving it a certain feel
  • Deconstruct the frame and the use of light within the frame, and make that point solid and valid
  • Conceptual – How light is used to enhance the project – the message the photographer is trying to get across, not how it looks pretty but using light to portray the message he is trying to tell through his images.
  • Hard light – this person is tough and rough cut
  • Soft lighting – is delicate, kind, can bring out a range of emotions

Task – Using a book from the session illustrate a 4 degree connection to a body of work that interests you i its use of implementation of light.

The book Infra by Richard Mosse explores the way in which Infrared brings the vivid use of hues that we would not be able to see with our own eyes in the spectrum. He explores the current events taking place in today’s congo in which the change of colour makes us look longer at the photograph. The book consists of portraits of young soldiers as well as landscapes. I feel that the use pink/red is a representation of the blood that is shed during the violence that occurs, the landscapes also represent bloodshed as they almost look like a living cell meaning a virus is spreading across there lands. Looking further into the vid use of colours I found myself looking at Steve McCurrys book Phaidon which consists of vivid portrait photography in the poor continents. This allows the viewer to be drawn in by the richness of the colour shown throughout his body of work. McCurry like to also photograph intense and dramatic situations which some may find disturbing this can relate to Gregory Crewdson body of work called ‘twilight’. He is more dramatic when planning a photo shoot, his setups consist of almost a movie lighting set up, using crane lights,actors and stages to create the pre visualised photograph that he wishes to create. His outcomes almost become unreal and bizarre allowing the viewer to feel a sense of eeriness whilst looking at this piece of work. Looking into Eeriness comes Tom Hunters ‘ophelia’ in which he wanted to recreate paintings that he was inspired by his final outcomes being people who are dead and submerged in water giving that final sense of loneliness and dispair.

Richard Mosse

tumblr_lw4wgnadHR1qatgtyo1_500 81

Steve McCurry


Gregory Crewdson
29138-large Greg C 19
Tom Hunter



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