Inside Lighting Workshop

Something I had never done before was still life photography, so using the infinitive curve, was rather new to me. Using the infinitive curve allows you to use multiple sources of lighting. You are even able to shine light directly at the back of it, illuminating the background. At first we used the spill kill but due to it being a rather direct form of light, it gave a more spot light effect and then darkened around the edges. We were looking for a more open source of light to give a balanced effect. We chose to change the light to a soft box which gave us a more even form of light. We also used two more soft boxes, which were placed either side of our objects.



As you can see from above, the spill kill gave a spot light effect, not allowing the background to be fully illuminated. We then later changed it to a soft box, giving a more even lighting. After this workshop I chose to further my knowledge by attempting these lightings on my own, so I fully understood the use of light. I had taken note of the lighting set up, so as we were shown in the previous lecture, I chose to create the lighting set up for future reference.

Still life set up
Here is one of my outcomes with this form of lighting however I turned the side lights down to 2.5 directing more towards the background:


I then chose to experiment with a black background, so I took away the soft box behind the infinity curve, leaving just the two soft boxes at the side. I did turn the two soft boxes up to 5 to illuminate the object a little more from the black background. Here are the outcomes below:

For this photograph I forgot to turn the back soft box off, allowing the light to come through the thin sheet that I provided for the background. This is why the top of the image you are able to see creases and  a very dull light.
This image the back soft box was turned off allowing the object to be surrounded by darkness. I feel this is the most successful image with this background, as the redness of the object contrasts very well with the black, allowing it to stand out.

This workshop allowed me to think about what I would like to achieve in Task 3 with backgrounds and lighting techniques.


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