Outside Lighting Workshop

For the outside lighting workshop we used a Bowens 500W single head kit. We were given a certain location, in which he wanted us to create a certain lighting. His brief was to make sure the background lighting is one or more stops darker than our subject. This creates a dark gloomy atmosphere to the photographs. The form of light we had was a soft box, so I knew this was a wide spread of light which would illuminate quite a lot of the location. However at first we did start too close to the wall, which did not give us our desired look. Such as below:
too bright outside

This was when we started moving further and further away from the wall. To make sure our background was two stops darker we used the light meter to tell us the amount of light in the background, we then used the light meter on our subject, we had to make sure our subject was lit two more stops than our background. Bringing our subject forward allowed this task to be much easier, as our light source was no longer illuminating the background.

Here was our final outcome:


As we began to swap roles, i.e some being photographer, others being reflector/light meter duty. I noticed how everyone has a different agenda and style. So this was when we wanted to start creating more a dramatic lighting, to make it obvious that there was a lighting difference from the background to subject. We moved our subject even further away from the wall, and turned up our lighting.


I personally feel this was the most successful photograph from this location. The light illuminates our subject without over exposing her, this allows her to standout from the background, as the background is two stops down from the foreground. During this shoot, there was too much light from the sun on her left hand side, so instead of using the reflector to illuminate certain areas, we used it to shield her from the sun, allowing more of an even light throughout the image.

After this shoot we were sent to a different location, in which our lighting conditions would be different, and this time instead of a Soft box we were given a spill kill. This is a more direct source of light so it is very different from the soft box.

As we were now used to the equipment, we were able to move a lot faster with setting up. We were able to get straight into photographing after using the light meter to determine our settings, after this it was just the composition of our subject. We were in a darker location so our lighting allowed use to form a nice contrast, making shadows darker and whites brighter.



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