Light Drawing Task

This term is aimed to focus at understanding light. How it illuminates different objects in different ways, where shadows fall and how the use of different lighting can completely change the way and object looks.

So to make us look more closely at light, the class were told to bring in 3 red objects each. A source of lighting was then set up on different tables, in which the objects had been placed on the table. This source of light illuminated the objects, and due to them being at different angles, it lit them in certain ways. To make us look into it further, we were given an A3 piece of paper, we were then told to completely cover the paper in charcoal, this then making it completely black. Once this had been done, we were told to look at a certain object, and see where the light touches the object, we were then given a rubber, and with this we had to rub away the black on our paper to reveal the light that we were able to clearly see on the objects. At first it was quite difficult as you always want to just draw the object, but as I started to look closer, I started to concentrate a lot more. Here is my final outcome.


When I studied Art at school, one thing I could never master was ‘shading’. I always got told to be more harsher with the shadows, and this task really made me realise that the use of light/shading really makes and object/drawing come to life.


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