Interesting uses of light in photography


This first image is by Danny Santos II. He creates a lot of work without peoples permission in which he captures the natural faces and reactions of the people surrounding him. I feel this is a very clever way of using the light that is available. Naturally as a photographer you want the subject to be within a balanced light that illuminates the face, however in this specific photograph it only captures the upper part of her face allowing the natural light to highlight her eyes, making them vibrant and eye catching.

Pablo Picasso;Pablo Picasso [Misc.]

Pablo Picasso in his studio, “drawing” a profile with a pen light, 1949

This use of light is know as light painting, many tend to to try light painting in a darker environment as it allows the light to be brighter and more vibrant however Pablo’s unique approach allowed the scene around him to come alive.


This was taken by Steve McCurry at the Omo Valley in Ethiopia. I found this light captivating because it has managed to capture two things, it has brought out the detail across the land such as the cattle and the dust and then due to McCurry photographing into the light it has allowed the boy to become a silhouette. The sunrise has also created a nice warm glow to the center of the photograph which really draws you in.


Jeremy Cowart

I felt this lighting matched what the D1 Sports Training are trying to achieve which is ‘becoming the future rising stars of basket ball’. The light represents that they are aiming high in their basketball career and what to be the best they can be. I do feel however that the light is slightly too bright for the woman at the back as it is starting to pull her into the light.

luca pierro

Luca Pierro

Strobist/Lampista: one light setup. Pentax through a reflective umbrella pointed behind the model (full power)
Flash triggered with Cactus Wireless Flash Trigger Set V4

So little light is visible but what it has high lighted are certain specific details such as the outline of his face whilst the water drips off. It shows that even a small amount of light that is visible in a photograph can create a great effect.


Michael Shainblum

So far I have looked at natural day light and uses of artificial light, but what about natural night light? Here is a photograph of the milky way galaxy. The contrast of the landscape against the star lit sky creates a perfect scene. The sky has also allowed to high light only a small amount of the car, and the part I find fascinating is how the sky has been reflected in the cars front window, I fell it allows a theme to run through the entire photograph.


Nicholas Dawkes

It is clever when you are able to include your main source of light in the actual photograph. The light in question is know as an ice light, and adds a great light effect to your image. A lot of them have been used in fashion shoots, but ice lights become a great source of light when in a dark area where no natural light is available such as the image below.



Unknown Photographer


This is a form of technique that can be used in the darkroom. Solarisation is where you partially reverse the tones throughout your photograph. Dark areas appear lighter whilst lighter areas appear darker. To create this you expose your image to light after you have partially developed the print. Solarisation allows you the different types of tones throughout your entire photograph.

Lauren sharp

Jade Alexander

This photograph was create by using a snoot, it is a rather direct source of light which created dark shadows on the left side of her face, it has also allowed a flattering light to cover her skin which slightly highlights her colar bone and shoulder. Due to the lighting being so direct I turned the brightness down to 2 allowing the light to be less harsh across her skin.


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