Assignment 2 – Research Videos

As I was basing my video on a baking business, I chose to find some video footage of my chosen theme, so I could annotate the techniques they have used to create their piece. As I will be uploading my video to vimeo, I chose that to be my start place for video research.

The first video I came across was this one:

Due the the shop being very open and light it allowed the video to be extremely clear. The use of different angles of the same scene makes the viewer feel like they should not stop watching as something could change at any moment. Sound is extremely clear, and the use of instrumental, cheery music allows the atmosphere to stay light hearted which is what you expect from a baking video. The whole video is sharp and actually does not use that many scenes containing narrow depth of field. The video included background of the shop and how she creates new ideas as well as her own personal history of how she came across her passion for baking. The video also has a great smoothness when panning over different areas of the shop.

Even though this is not a video of a cake shop, I loved the use of depth of field throughout the entire video. They also use slow motion to show a key element in the making of the cake. The different shots of footage are so simple yet so effective and it makes you realise every key element and the creativity that goes into baking.

I enjoy the use of slow motion throughout the whole video as it shows precision. You can see it is a high quality video and contains a rich colouring that is very flattering for this video.


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