Assignment 2 – Problems with first video footage

When I first videoed at Helen’s Little Cake Shop it was rather dark in the area I was planning on filming. So to compensate for lack of light I change the ISO. However when I started creating my show reel, I noticed the severe lack of quality and the footage contained a lot of grain. But to just get used to using Premiere Pro I chose to continue to edit the footage as it allowed me to navigate around the program.

Here is my show reel:

As you can see it is still such a dark video, some criticism I receive when showing this to my peers was the music. It was far to slow and sad which is not something it should be for a baking video I also used too many black tranistions which broke prevented the video from smoothly running as you tend to use a black transition when you are showing a change of scene. I will take this criticism on board for when I create my final footage. I also plan in reshooting this footage in a more open lighting so I do not get the same results as this film footage.


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