Assignment 2 – Film Planning

As I am having to travel back to my home town to film, it means I will have to quite a few times to get all the footage I need to make a 3-5 minute video. I also have to work around her busy schedule so I do not prevent her from not completing orders.

My next filming session I will be videoing the workshop that she does weekly, this will allow me to get footage of her teaching whilst getting close up filming of the cakes and techniques they will be using. To make sure I do not have any problems with publication of using people in my video, I will be asking them to sign a consent form so if someone does not wish to be filmed I will not include in the final cut. I will be using the Canon 5D Mark ii and will also be using a tripod to keep my footage a steady and smooth moving as possible as in my show reel I forgot my tripod which proved really difficult to film, as the camera is rather heavy and when you are trying to focus and zoom it becomes too much to handle.

I will need to revisit the shop again so I am able to interview Helen about her shop. I also hope to get some more new and improved footage of the show reel that day as well. In which I will then need to book out the Edirol R09 as this will allow me to achieve higher quality sound as the Canon 5D really lacks in the sound department.


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