Assignment 2 – Editing my video in Premiere Pro

As all filming went to plan and I had got all the footage that I would need to begin editing. I started importing my clips into Premiere. As I managed to record all my sound in one smooth speech it allowed me to have already create my narrative. So I then chose the correct footage to flow with the interview that Helen gave. I decided to start my video with a still image from a piece of footage I had shot. I then used a simple clear font as the one I used previous when showing an more updated version of my show reel, people found it hard to read the font as it clashed with the photograph. Due to me using the Edirol R09, the sound is separate from the film footage, so you have align them in Premiere but as long as the settings are correct on the camera such as using 1/50 second, it was pretty simple to match up.

The one thing I struggled with was cutting the video down as it went slightly over 5 minutes. But because I had a lot of small clips that I had cut which matched to her interview, it took a while to cut some video down so that it did not exceed the time limit that has been given.

Taking on board the criticism from my peers, I made sure I did not use too many transitions and I spent some time trying to find the right music to go with my video. The song I have used in my final video is called – Kenny Burrell – Midnight Blue.

Here is my timeline from Premiere Pro, to show what editing has been used.

video 1
video 2
video 3

video 4

I also used fast colour corrector in effects so I could change the colouring of the lighting in her video as it had a very orange tint throughout the video. I used slow motion in some elements of my video as it is a great effect to use in cooking/baking videos. I also had to change the volume as when I did not play it with headphones it was quite quiet. So I used the volumes leaves to louden not just the music. I also wanted to make sure that the interview sound and music was not fighting with each other so when the interview was running I would decrease the music volume, and when the interview would finish I would then increase the volume of the music


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