Assignment 2 – Critical Reflection

Even though I had used Premiere Pro before the videoing my own footage was completely new to me. The reason I enjoyed this project was because these days employers are not just looking for a photographer, they are looking for someone who can also video and edit. This is why I have found this project extremely helpful and I can see myself experimenting with video in the future especially when I have looked at time-lapse videos as I find them truely fascinating and visually stunning.

I now have a lot of respect for the filming industry as it has made me realise how much time and effort goes into filming. Especially considering I have only done a 5 minute video compared to the 2 hour movies that are filmed. Even more goes into featured movies such as CGI which is very complex compared to what I have has to create. Even though this project is only 25% of my grade a lot of time and planning has had to go into making this short video.

I have learnt skills that are extremely valuable and will help me in the future, however I am going to look deeper into Premiere throughout the coming years so I can explore the program throughly so I can use Premiere to its full potential. This will allow to produce even higher quality footage whilst being creative in post-production.


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