Assignment 1 – Third Merge

My third attempts were the City arcade photographs, however one proved impossible as when I went to the City arcade I was not able to get to the angle in which the original photograph was taken, so unfortunately that photograph was out of the question. However, luckily I was able to use the other City arcade photograph which I preferred due to that fact that it was affected by the blitz and was later demolished. Here is my merge photograph:

City Arcade
Due to the original photograph being rather small, I had to resize my photograph to try and keep as much quality of the old image as possible. I do not feel this as strong as my other two, but I think it portrays my theme of city regeneration very well. Even though it has been regenerated our new buildings still look rather run down, making you think in a couple of years time could it possibly be regenerated once more? After all city regeneration always takes place over the years.
A lot of the olden photographs lack contrast, so due to them being so bright you lose detail, that is why I decided to add contrast to just recover some of that detail that has been lost.


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