Assignment 1 – Tenth Merge

bingo gala

This photograph represents regeneration in many ways, not just by the way the buildings have been replaced by a glass building but how construction is currently taking place in 2012. Again the pop of colour allows a contrast of old so I feel it helps symbolise the changes that are also happening today not just in our past. I like the use of soft merge on the paving as well as how the curbs are in line perfectly as it allows you to see the precision that has gone into this photograph. This is also one of my favourite photographs out of the whole series that I have produced. I wanted to keep the merging consistant throughout all my photographs and this is why I stuck to Teeuwisse and Shawn Clover’s techniques of merging as it shows the faded memories and regenerations that has taken place over the passing years, and how we do not realise just how much things change around us. We fail to acknowledge the history of our cities as we just accept what is being change right here and now, not what has already occurred.


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