Assignment 1 – Seventh Merge

My next two photographs I edited were upper and lower priory street. I found these image really interesting to edit due to the amount that has change from the old to the new.

lower priory street

This is lower priory street, as one one building has been completely knocked down another one has been built in a different place. I really like how it looks like the people are walking up from the bottom of priory street as the angle is just right so that I was able to use the entrance of the new photograph. Making it look like that could have walked through a time portal. I changed this photograph quite a few times when it came down to the Triumph building, as I was not sure whether to have to building solid or whether I should soften and fade it. I eventually decided to fade it as I felt that represented this huge building that was no longer there, even though the photograph is proof that it was there its memory slowly begins to fade.


upper priory street

This was rather difficult yo photograph as the paving is completely different from then and now, so it was difficult to know what angle to photograph at. This is actually one of my favourite photographs from the set as it reminds me of Teeuwisse’s photograph where it had that pop of colour that made the photograph really stand out. This photograph also shows how much regeneration has taken over our cities over the years, whether its brightly coloured signs,  huge tower buildings to the knocking down of houses even the way of transportation. Regeneration surrounds us all, and we now except it as a natural thing as we tend to see some form of regeneration everyday. I also really how there is a gradual merge of the paving as it makes it a very smooth transition from the original to the photograph that is today.


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